DéMar Derrick Charlton

Licensed Agent

Born and raised in New Providence, DéMar pursued his tertiary education in the US and Canada, earning three undergraduate degrees by 2006. His journey took an unexpected turn in 2007 when he interviewed for a job in the hospitality industry, initially with the goal of saving for postgraduate studies in the medical field. However, he discovered his passion for the world of food and beverage, excelling with 'best in city' awards and experiencing rapid career growth.

In Canada, DéMar honed his skills in various restaurant settings, predominantly in senior management roles, from corporate to bistro, gastro-pub, and fine dining. Yet, the strong allure of his Bahamian heritage brought him back home in 2019, where he continued to thrive in hospitality management. Surrounded by friends and family in the real estate field, DéMar's passion for entrepreneurship grew. Joining his brother on the Condo Vikings and Jolie Luxury Homes teams was a natural fit, allowing him to further refine his customer relations and sales skills while providing exceptional service to home and business owners.